isuzu ute Iron Summit 

 The Iron Summit, is genuinely the steepest 4WD testing ramp in the world. 

The ramp demonstrates an incline and decline slope angle of 45 degrees, and has been engineered with an incredible 100 percent grade, meaning the vehicle has an equal run to raise ratio - climbing vertically one meter for every meter travelled. 

The Iron Summit is so steep, that when ascending the incline, passengers often experience a sensation that the vehicle is going to tip backwards. 

The descent is just as hair-raising as passengers experience their full body weight being transferred to the seat belts. 

While the Iron Summit certainly offers passengers a wild ride, the angle of the ramp actually remains well within the factory standard climbing capabilities of the Isuzu M-UX - the vehicle demonstrated on the Iron Summit. 

The Iron Summit tours continually around Australia attending many shows, field days, expositions and trade fairs each and every year.

Rides over the Iron Summit are offered to visitors of these events free of charge. 

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Come take a ride over the Isuzu UTE Iron Summit and see the world from a different angle.