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Our stunt squad, slides, slithers, jumps and leaps in pretty much standard D‑MAX SX crew-cab low-ride turbo-diesel utes, just like those driven by thousands of Australians every day. They're not even four-wheel drives! In fact, aside from an ADR-approved mining specification roll-cage, racing seats and harnesses for safety—along with Bilstein shockies, Detroit Locker-style diffs to make two-wheeling possible and a hydraulic handbrake to cut maintenance — the SX crew-cabs only have a fruitier exhaust note and a bit of chrome bling between them and their showroom-standard cousins. They even roll on standard alloy wheels.


The SX's car-like ride, predictable handling and vast spread of turbo-charged power made the transition from petrol to diesel an easy one for the team, despite the stunt drivers needing pinpoint timing and immediate, predictable power throughout their displays.

The D‑MAXs are deceptively fast — the low-down torque from Isuzu's twin overhead cam, intercooled turbo three-litre four-cylinder engine peaks at a huge 380Nm.

Before the team's switch to D‑MAX was decided, the gearbox was sent for analysis; this is the most critical component as it can't be changed easily between shows, so the manual transmission had to be rugged enough to handle hundreds of hours of harsh treatment. Most of the team's stunts are done in second and third gears and there are a lot of sudden, quick shifts up and down.


  • Isuzu 3.0L Diesel
  • 4-cylinder
  • Double Overhead Cam
  • Intercooled Turbo Charger
  • 5-speed Manual Transmission 


  • Race seats and harnesses
  • Roll cages 
  • Locker diffs
  • Hydraulic handbrakes
  • Toyo Tires - Open Country H/T